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30/09/2011 Dream

Posted: September 30, 2011 in Photography madness

It was a highly stressing time, the world is invaded by a mysterious decease, people fall a sleep and wake up hungry for blod lust, they want to kill and nothing else matter, the same people, same views and opinions but their feelings change , they are dangerous and they will kill, when you get infected you feel it i guess one knows when one loses his human feelings.


I was in a house with a boyfriend (only in the dream) i felt like i love him very much and there was lots of people hiding in the same house from the outside world (the infected people) there was a woman with her new born baby girl she loved her a lot and she came to me and give me the baby, she asked me to lock her in one of the rooms while she dies in peace, she knew she was infected , i was thinking the room is not secure even if i locked her in when she wake up from her sleep she will be able to get out and kill us, she bagged mto keep the baby so i took it, my boyfriend wanted to get out the house to look for food and water i said no but he had an authority on me he assured me everything will be fine, he got out and then came back with a group of uninfected people seeking shelter and even tho we have no food it was the right thing to do we not gonna leave them to die, i was hungry and everyone was hungry so i got out of the use it was midday i sneaked in the house next door scared for my life i seen a fridge so i opened it and there was a stack of chocolates and frozen food, i left the frozen food for desperate times and took the chocolates and returned to the house and i divided every bar in twos and gave a pace to everyone, i give a peace to this old woman feeling bad i told her the sweets will fill you up and will make you not feeling hunger for a while she told me in the past i used sugar to stop feeling hungry and giving me energy, i looked to my boyfriend in hope and i woke up….!!!



27-9-2011 dream

Posted: September 27, 2011 in Photography madness

Cant remember how the dream started but i think i was chased , but i remember i was in a building may be in the last floor it looks like deserted building, Men was shooting at me i tried to run go from a room to a room and in one of the rooms there was a pool but it wasnt water inside it it was more like waste , black muddy water i had no choice but to jump and i seen few people running with me from the same shooters and we all got trapped so we all jumped inside this muddy pool and then i remember gun shots and i seen the effects of bullets on water so i had to dive under water to survive the gunshot only me and one guy were able to avoid the bullets i couldn’t hold my breath for long so i had to get my head out of water to gasp for air and seen the shooters still looking for us and seen the bodies of the others floting on water, i seen a door so i swam to it and dive from underwater to the other side of the room were i found this one guy who looked as he have super natural powers like he can survive without breathing underwater he was just fine so i swam to him took his hand and leaded him to the way out, this lil door underwater as soon as we passed it we found our self basically on the roof of the same old building we then found the stairs and kept going down floor after floor and in the 1st floor we found an apt door open so we sneaked in  it was messy as if someone was just there but left in a hurry, there was cooked food in the kitchen and we opened the draws and found crisp bags so we took some and i woke up……. !!!!!!!!

Lately rumours have been flying by, end of the world 2011 no it is 2011 no it isnt some say we will live through 2012 and earth will witness years to come but really can we stop thinking about the end???

Although i am not a big believer in such theories i decided to follow this story making a bet if we didn’t die  today i will no longer even listen to theories for people trying to grap attention and screw with our min..

It isnt good to spread fears so if it is the end let us live it in peace and not fill our hearts with sorrow and worry, if it is the end then let it be

Came across this post funny enough i have lots of Lebanese friends and it kind of make since. 🙂

What Men Really Want- Especially Lebanese Men 1) A smart yet very sexy women- men are picky, they wanna be able to have a challenging conversation with a girl yet they want her to resemble somewhat of a cover-girl. She also needs to be fun and exciting – always up for having a good time. 2) An open-minded yet conservative girl- she needs to be able to sleep- out on the getaway weekends to Faraya- yet they prefer her to be from a family that actually calls to ask her where she is . ( Bint 3ay … Read More

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The way to Sun Shine.

Posted: September 5, 2011 in Photography madness

I consider my self to be a traveller, someone who find great pleasure in fitting in new societies, i love knowing people, from a country to another you get different believes different people different way of thinking and trying to understand why things the way they are bring joy to me. But who doesnt li travelling? in our day world everything is expansive that travelling is a luxury that should be a necessary, it is a way to learn life, we all born on earth we are all equal and travelling should be a main right for humans , you didnt know it is?

It isn’t about getting money, booking an air plan tickets and try to make your way out not from the angle i see it, I am Arabic from what considered to be third world country  and when you are from what is considered 3rd world countries it automatically classify you as less human being with less rights, you cant go to this country, you cant get visas, your visas have conditions, you cant work, you cant do this or that, from my own experience if you were not born in a country with strong economy you have no value, people will look you down as if you have 3 legs or you think with your accent ..


I might be lucky but i am diffidently a survivor i believe in my self not to be any less than anyone may be you had better education and better life but what good does education bring if you already have a mind of a tiny bird?


May be i have to struggle to get my way but is the struggeling a good reason to gave up and be satisfied with the little life give you?


I am a life and borders will not stop me, I am human and i will demand my rights and will accept any challenge  life throw at me


I will waste my days down embassies, i will answer all the silly private questions i get asked, i will take the looks people give me in different sectors of life as an example when ever i go to any air-port it doesnt matter if i am in a civilized country or not i will still get extra checked, i will still take weird looks for being an Arab on my own, ii will wait until the air-port officer make their countless checks on my visas and passport as if i was a drug dealer or dangerous person…


One day the world will be really equal, democracy will not be a frame but a real concept, i will be able to travel easier and may be stop wasting money on visas and legal paper work that proves that i am a person who is able to do what other people from civilized countries do..


Once again i made another travel , i left UK to the sunshine i am in the island of Cyprus, i will enjoy it very much, i will eat as much Greek Cypriot food as i can and i will go socialize in Greek clubs .. and when i figure out my next move in this big world i will get everything ready visas on my passport and will go, it is always time to experience something new and i will make sure my life is fully lived. i wish who ever you are where ever you from if you reading me you have hope, hope in better for the humanity in general and for each individuals to do what they are happy doing.



The Egyptian


Posted: September 2, 2011 in Photography madness

Should you do what is good for you or should you do what makes you happy?
Is it true, planning too much is wasting present time for unknown future so enjoying now and forgetting tomorrow is better..


The dreams of tomorrow is worth wasting now for, you can rise and shine but not together.

I guess you never wonder about things until it forms its self as options, an option is part of the decision making mechanism.

So unless you are faced with a decision you will not have options, when do you need to make decisions? in my opinion when ever you need any form of change or forced to any form of change.

In basic maths 1 + 1 = 2 but our human emotions doesn’t work that way, so when we calculate our future steps , you get the logical side telling you do this, do that and you will get this or get that and our emotional size might agree or disagree, If we facing a small decision making operation, those small decisions like taking a walk or riding the bus wont cause your emotional side to doubt your logical one but when faced with decisions like moving countries or starting out a business , Risky decisions get your logical side and your emotional to conflict.


Have you done the right thing? did you take the right decision ?




we are the society. each individual is a picture for thousands of people and thousands of voices