Posted: September 2, 2011 in Photography madness

Should you do what is good for you or should you do what makes you happy?
Is it true, planning too much is wasting present time for unknown future so enjoying now and forgetting tomorrow is better..


The dreams of tomorrow is worth wasting now for, you can rise and shine but not together.

I guess you never wonder about things until it forms its self as options, an option is part of the decision making mechanism.

So unless you are faced with a decision you will not have options, when do you need to make decisions? in my opinion when ever you need any form of change or forced to any form of change.

In basic maths 1 + 1 = 2 but our human emotions doesn’t work that way, so when we calculate our future steps , you get the logical side telling you do this, do that and you will get this or get that and our emotional size might agree or disagree, If we facing a small decision making operation, those small decisions like taking a walk or riding the bus wont cause your emotional side to doubt your logical one but when faced with decisions like moving countries or starting out a business , Risky decisions get your logical side and your emotional to conflict.


Have you done the right thing? did you take the right decision ?




we are the society. each individual is a picture for thousands of people and thousands of voices


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