27-9-2011 dream

Posted: September 27, 2011 in Photography madness

Cant remember how the dream started but i think i was chased , but i remember i was in a building may be in the last floor it looks like deserted building, Men was shooting at me i tried to run go from a room to a room and in one of the rooms there was a pool but it wasnt water inside it it was more like waste , black muddy water i had no choice but to jump and i seen few people running with me from the same shooters and we all got trapped so we all jumped inside this muddy pool and then i remember gun shots and i seen the effects of bullets on water so i had to dive under water to survive the gunshot only me and one guy were able to avoid the bullets i couldn’t hold my breath for long so i had to get my head out of water to gasp for air and seen the shooters still looking for us and seen the bodies of the others floting on water, i seen a door so i swam to it and dive from underwater to the other side of the room were i found this one guy who looked as he have super natural powers like he can survive without breathing underwater he was just fine so i swam to him took his hand and leaded him to the way out, this lil door underwater as soon as we passed it we found our self basically on the roof of the same old building we then found the stairs and kept going down floor after floor and in the 1st floor we found an apt door open so we sneaked in  it was messy as if someone was just there but left in a hurry, there was cooked food in the kitchen and we opened the draws and found crisp bags so we took some and i woke up……. !!!!!!!!


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