30/09/2011 Dream

Posted: September 30, 2011 in Photography madness

It was a highly stressing time, the world is invaded by a mysterious decease, people fall a sleep and wake up hungry for blod lust, they want to kill and nothing else matter, the same people, same views and opinions but their feelings change , they are dangerous and they will kill, when you get infected you feel it i guess one knows when one loses his human feelings.


I was in a house with a boyfriend (only in the dream) i felt like i love him very much and there was lots of people hiding in the same house from the outside world (the infected people) there was a woman with her new born baby girl she loved her a lot and she came to me and give me the baby, she asked me to lock her in one of the rooms while she dies in peace, she knew she was infected , i was thinking the room is not secure even if i locked her in when she wake up from her sleep she will be able to get out and kill us, she bagged mto keep the baby so i took it, my boyfriend wanted to get out the house to look for food and water i said no but he had an authority on me he assured me everything will be fine, he got out and then came back with a group of uninfected people seeking shelter and even tho we have no food it was the right thing to do we not gonna leave them to die, i was hungry and everyone was hungry so i got out of the use it was midday i sneaked in the house next door scared for my life i seen a fridge so i opened it and there was a stack of chocolates and frozen food, i left the frozen food for desperate times and took the chocolates and returned to the house and i divided every bar in twos and gave a pace to everyone, i give a peace to this old woman feeling bad i told her the sweets will fill you up and will make you not feeling hunger for a while she told me in the past i used sugar to stop feeling hungry and giving me energy, i looked to my boyfriend in hope and i woke up….!!!



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