When They Killed Gaddafi !The Oil Protector .

Posted: October 30, 2011 in Photography madness

What nis going on.


Libyan people are either too smart or simply stupid, may be too smart some how they have a grand plan to keep the upper hand of the west  green dollars  seduction and somehow will manage to make a new rules, their rules that would be there to save their national treasure (OIl THAT IS) and to make the best out of it economically and politically or too stupid to think that Gaddafi was actually the bad guy, so they say he been there for 40 years well, he who knows better than Gaddafi on how to run Libya had no courage neither any influence to demand a change for the best, go back with time before Gaddafi was elected to be their leader, what was there? un-fetched oil, tribes of ignorant savages he made it as it is, built cities, better their economy there is no poor people in Libya, everyone owns houses and lands, several cars and money to lead a wealthy life style yet greed had taken over , who have a peace of land wants more., i am a Gaddafi fan because i believe the hidden part of the story demolished by the media is far  too complicated to let the truth out. it is dangerous.


they thought they were brain washed from the inside, but what you cant see in front page news is who pull the threads, what is going to happen to Libya oil, what new deal would be debated, who will be able to freely dig oil out of their sahara ?? and after who is going to take the shots for poor soon to be rubbed Libya? will he have the guts to stand still against the flow ? will he give a better value than Gaddafi did to the people??


I dont know, I hope they just are smart enough for their sake not dam stupid.


For now here is Gaddafi final moments , being treated and put down like a dog. If you can treat a figure with so much disrespect , if you can do this to someone wrote and designed their history , welcome back guns and arm deals, welcome back arm dealers and welcome back foreign colonizing . This time they invited the out siders in, you opened the door.



Rest in peace Gaddafi , if it make it better then hope you know that the history will be written by people who also know how good you wrere. who ever wins get to have the ink to write history but our memories of a great leader is a reminder.




P.s i am using my freedom of speech, you might agree or disagree after all it is just an opinion.




Here is the vid.


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