My Dream Diary !

We all dream, bad or good dreams, dreams that will fade from your memory as soon as you wake up and dreams that will get you thinking about it, I dream all sort of weird, real weird dreams and i remember most of them some one came up with the idea that i should start a dream diary and over time i might be able to understand my dreams better. what made me write this now is my last night dream, let me start with it.




My boyfriend have travelled home for a holiday (we both are x pats ) and i was by my self in a luxury apartment that seemed to be home when the door bell rang i went to open it and someone pushed the door wide open there was a gang they attacked me i was struggling to break free i was physically fighting with them next thing i see is this guy pointing a gun at me and BANG i blank out in my dream, it went black and all what i could think of is I AM DEAD , I AM AFRAID THIS IS IT MY END. then i woke up from my black out (still in my dream) and my neck was sore i looked around and i wasn’t in my home i was in a different place i seen a mirror i went to check my sore neck and i seen a gunshot scar on the front of my neck  and in the back of my neck then the door opened and the people that attacked me came in, they did not hurt me they took me and for unknown reason they wanted me , i had the time to take a closer look on the boss or the head of the gang something about him was so scary and in the same time so warm in the dream i felt like i love him yet i am dead scared of him he took us me and the gang out to a restaurant he is in his mid or late 30`s he have a very dark skin looks like he been sunbathing A LOT his eyes were sleepy and his long eyelashes made him look like a handsome Greek god yet i was very scared i tried to run away and i couldn’t, a member of the gang is a girl i think her name was Sarah she was helping me she told me if he knew (this guy) he would kill her for making me run away she took me back to my apartment which was guarded  by a member of the gang he seemed to be a good friend with Sarah she let me in he looked at me a worried look then he looked at Sarah and told her he will trun a blind eye for her i looked around i found my suit case i ran to it searching for my passport i found my passport and also i found his passport (the head of the gang guy which in the dream was so weird so i left his passport took mine and Sarah gave me a left to the airport and i was thinking i hope i find a flight quickly before he realize i am gone and come look for me and this time i will not be able to run from him , i arrived at the airport then i woke up.






by now you probably realize how weird is my dream, i have to say it is not the weirdest dream i had and weird enough all my dreams are a complete story that look like if it is coming out of a movie, when i tell my friends my dreams they say R*** you have bare weird dreams so i decided to write then down and make them a diary may be my dremas are trying to tell me something.


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